• When will solarfold be available?
    Solarfold started series production in July 2023. We will be happy to take your order here.

  • Can I order a solarfold with less than 130 kWp?
    The current version has 130 kWp.

  • What size is a solarfold container?
    A regular 20ft High Cube Container.

  • Can I use a solarfold on any surface and ground?
    Basically yes, different foundation solutions are required depending on soil composition.

  • Can it be mounted on sloped or uneven ground?
    Up to ±15cm height difference can be compensated by the supports.

  • What foundation does the container require?
    Point foundations at the corners should suffice. The strength and type of these foundations depends on the soil composition.

  • Is the battery storage included in the solarfold container?
    The storage has its own 10ft, respectively 20ft container.

  • What does a solarfold container weigh?
    13,5 metric tons transport weight including all accessories.

  • Are anchors and rails included in the order?
    Both are included.

  • How can I extend or retract the solar modules in and out of the container?
    Via a pre-installed, geared drive unit, that is operated by a battery powered drill.

  • Is an inverter already included and wired up?
    Yes. Only the AC connection has to be organized by the client.

  • Are the modules already wired up?