Functions of the mobile photovoltaik container – solarfold



Earth anchor







The On-Grid version of the solarfold Container can be hooked up directly with the public power grid, and the energy it produces can be used to supply up to 40 single-family homes (3.500 kWh / year / single-family house). The solarfold On-Grid Container can also be plugged into a variety of power storage solutions. Each package contains a different number of solarfold Containers and the corresponding battery capacity. These combinations serve to optimise coverage of the customer’s own consumption demands and they can also be particularly valuable when trading energy on the operating reserves market.

The following are possible On-Grid versions:

  • Basic | without storage | 1 solarfold

  • Pro | with 160 kWh storage + 1 solarfold

  • Performance | with 240 kWh storage + 3 solarfold

  • Ultra | with 480 kWh storage + 5 solarfold

  • Special | individual storage needs


(coming soon)

The Off-Grid version consists of a solarfold Container in combination with a suitable auxiliary power storage container – not hooked up to the power grid and working completely autarkically. The system provides up to 80kW of discharge power and supplies plugged-in consumers with power – even when the sun doesn’t. If more power is needed for a given application, simply raise the number of Off-Grid units. This off-grid system can be adapted to the needs of your project.

  • Basic | with 240 kWh storage

  • Special | individual storage needs

Durable & sustainable.


We recycle used aluminium to produce secondary aluminium. On average, 80% of our aluminium comes from recycled material, and metagreen alloys ensure the very low CO2 emission levels without compromising on quality.

The rail system and substructure of the Solarfold are made from certified metagreen secondary aluminium provided by Alumero Systematic Solutions GmbH. This material is ideal, being corrosion-resistant, light and durable. These important properties make solarfold easy to assemble and dismantle quickly, and simple to transport.

Plug & play.

  • All modules have ready-for-service wiring

  • Aluminium rail system can be anchored on site

  • Laser-optimized rail alignment and positioning

  • Easy to secure with innovative mobile earth anchors

  • Power inverter built into the container

  • No sealing of soil surfaces and no cable trenches

  • Simple assembly

  • Simplified building permit

1. Laser-optimized alignment

2. Set ground anchor

3. Place rails

4. Position the modules

A solution
for everyone.

In order to make use of the energy generated throughout the night, it makes sense to augment the solarfold Container with an energy storage container. Battery storage, power electronics and the grid socket are all housed in a container between 10 and 20 feet long. The storage system relies on trusted lithium-ion technology (LiFePo) and sophisticated electronics.

A solid reason.

Stable ground anchoring is required to ensure the approximately 123-metre substructure is positioned quickly and securely. Our unique, patent-pending earth anchor enables the rail system to be installed simply and without great effort. The in-built laser in the solarfold and specially-produced measuring tape allow you to mark and drill holes for the earth anchor very quickly. The anchor is then lowered onto the ground and screwed down with the battery-powered screwdriver. The earth anchors can be used for a comprehensive range of terrains. 

Tech Specs



Technische Daten


20’ HC (Side Door) / LBH: 6,058 x 2,438 x 2,896 m 



130 kWp / 196 Module á 670 









ca. 6m x 123m